Does CBD oil help in reducing pain and inflammation in cats?

The market is experiencing increased demands for cannabis product after the legalization of cannabis in major parts of the world. According to the study reports, cannabidiol oil can provide potential support for nearly all aspects of human health and wellness. Moreover, with advanced researches, there isevidence which concludes that the benefits of CBD oil is not limited to only human beings but is extended to furry animals as well.

CBD oil is extracted from the plants and leaves of the hemp plant and mostly the industrial hemp strain is used since it naturally has lower THC content and higher CBD content. Cannabinoids are the group of chemical compounds that naturally occur in all humans and animals in the form of endocannabinoids. The EC system has found to help the body maintain neurological, immunological and physiological systems.People often confuse CBD oil with hemp oil as they are extracted from the same plant; however, they are derived from different parts which reflect in the property, behavior,and usage of both the oil. It is important for an individual to learn about the CBD oil vs hemp oil to make an efficient purchase of cannabis product as per the requirement.

There still are people who hesitate to make a purchase for cannabis products as they are associated with psychoactive properties which triggerthe high and psychoactive effect. It is the presence of THC which triggers high effect and therefore most of the cannabis product manufacturer ensures that the product has an approx negligible amount of THC content.

How does CBD work in cats?

CBD and THC are the naturally occurring compounds in cats and the number of animals. The Cannabinoid receptors in cats body the type 1 and 2 or commonly known CB1 and CB2 are attached with cat’s body. When the Cannabinoidis attached to any of these receptors, it flips a switch resulting in various physiological effects.

While treating animals like cats with CBD think of Cannabinoid receptor as a lock and Cannabinoid as the key and hence, when they connectthe door open. In most of the situations cats suffera deficiency of endocannabinoids and thus providing supplement ensures that the multiple receptors will utilize the addition of phytocannabinoids to help create balance and provide support for relaxing, repairing, or restoring.

The CB1 receptors can be found throughout the body and are located within the brain and hence controls various functions, including movement, coordination, pain, memories,mood,and emotions. CB2 receptors are present in the immune system and therefore affect the pain and inflammation.

CBD may offer a wide variety of benefits for the cat’s overall health and wellbeing some of which includes but are not limited to decreasing pain, inflammation, and sudden anxiety. In addition controlled dosage of CBD oil helps in promoting healthy joints and digestion, they also support organ health, helping with general anxiety, separation anxiety, discomfort, loss of appetite, nausea, end of life comfort, and more.

CBD oil can help treat various medical condition of your pet and can also improve the overall health by fulfilling the body’s demand forcannabinoid.

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