4 ways to stay connected with your incarcerated loved one

In tough times, what keeps you going are words of encouragement from your loved ones. But when it comes to staying in touch with a loved inmate or taking time to travel to visitation, it is not easy. So, how are you supposed to continuously motive them and constantly keep in touch? Here are 4 easy ways that will help you stay close to your incarcerated loved ones.

Write a Letter

A personalized letter is one of the best ways to say, “I love you”. They are timeless. When you write to your incarcerated loved one, your words give them hope and encouragement. Even better, they can keep it close to them and read it whenever they feel defeated. It will remind them that someone is thinking of them and loves them no matter what. So, download the app and write them a customized letter on beautifully chosen stationary just for them—make their day!

Send Postcards

Enclose sweet memories and warm thoughts. Personalized postcards are simply special and an extremely creative.They are an exciting way of telling someone how you feel. Crafted with warmth and love, postcards help you to convey your emotion and message to your loved inmate in the most personalized way possible. Bring in the excitement of “good old times” to your messages with unique and custom created postcards. Send a postcard to your loved one and bring a smile to their face during these trying times.

Compose Picture Cards

When words fall short, a love-filled picture completes your story. Unique and cute, picture cards are the best way to share memories like your baby’s first steps, your daughter’s graduation, holiday celebrations, or a special occasion that you wish they shared with you.There is no better way to express your truest emotions than saying it with cute little notes filled with hearts, kisses, stars, and more. Send your loved one down memory lane while evoking happy memories of past times shared together, with colorful picture cards. Send a picture card today to give your incarcerated loved one fond memories to cherish while away.

Send Books and Magazines

When you have to be in the place you are, books give you some place to escape. Send your loved one inspiration, courage, and strength in prison. Books are a convenient way to do that. They will inspire your loved inmate to be hopeful, stay motivated, and learn new things. Though the days in the prison are tough, books can act as a guide and lead them towards a better future. Share a good read and give them a reason to stay hopeful, creative, and educated.

One App that does it all

We knowthat staying in touch with your loved one in prison, isn’t easy. The procedure is tedious and complicated. Even if you use digital channels, they do not guarantee delivery or maintain privacy. But here’s a find!

Among the very few good options available, Inmate Compassion is the most comprehensive one. Also, it is very easy to use the app. You download the app and simply write your message, they print and deliver. Well, they are easy on the pocket too. The App also respects your privacy. Messages drafted on the platform or sent through it are not read or shared with any third party and are securely delivered to the designated facility. The products listed on the app are approved by many prison facilities and so, the delivery is guaranteed and timely, all through the year.

Another good thing is that, irrespective of your race, ethnicity, gender, language, or community, the app library stocks multiple pre-designed templates for all your special occasions, themes and holidays, that too in many languages to choose from. You can make your message special as the app supports uploading of personal pictures from camera, phone and social media galleries. You can also change the font, color, background of the messages, and decorate your creation with adorable stickers. They will soon introduce a library of suggested books and magazines so you can send inmate books and magazines.

Are you missing someone special? Download the app now and let them know you care with aletter or picture letter, personalized postcards, or a creative card.

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